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Eugene Lin

My name is Eugene and I would like to share with you my journey with the TONE health program.


It had immensely benefited me and literally turned my life around.


I was diagnosed with labile systolic hypertension when I was in secondary 4 almost 30 years ago. This means my systolic blood pressure fluctuates wildly from normal to high throughout the day.


The specialists put me through a battery of tests but could not find out the reason for the high blood pressure. They say this was likely congenital or inherited. Being young then the doctors refused to put me on any medications and asked me to monitor my BP.


I was enlisted into the army a few years later and got commissioned as an officer but not before they threatened to put me out of course because of my condition. I would say I was at the fittest of my life at that time. BUT my blood pressure was still abnormal.


Over the years, I went for regular check-ups and the doctors all wanted me to start on medications but I did not listen to any of them. Exercise alone apparently does not help in controlling my BP and despite playing intensive badminton 5-6 times weekly, I was slightly overweight.


Last year I subjected myself to a thorough health screen - full blood tests, ultrasound, gastroscopy,  colonoscopy, etc. My blood pressure was 160/100, even my diastolic pressure was high. On top of that, I had proteinuria or protein in my urine. Proteinuria usually means kidney issues, or that my blood pressure was so high that protein started leaking into my urine.


I was immediately put on medications to control my blood pressure. I hated medication as I was feeling weak and groggy all the time, I lost concentration. My BP is normal but I do not feel normal!


It was by chance I met a badminton buddy (Merrell Lim) I have not seen for 3 months. He was, well, quite overweight the last time I saw him.  This time he was a completely different picture, slim and toned, and worse of all he looked like he could easily thrash me in badminton!


I probed him for the reason and he revealed that he went through TONE.


I wasted no time in contacting Wei Wei and Yeow Wey to sign up for the course.


I have not looked back since.


The team at TONE is nothing short of wonderful. They are extremely supportive and genuine and want you to take control of your health again!


I must admit I had it easier than many of my friends I had recommended to TONE. They all suffered from what I call “carbohydrate withdrawal syndrome”. However, I feel that sacrifices have to be made, especially when it comes to restoring your health and life.


In my case, I see improvements almost immediately.


My weight went down. 3 weeks after starting on TONE, I stopped taking my high BP medication and took a leap of faith to see if my BP remains normal.


My pressure has been in the good normal range since (less than 120/80) and has been so for the past 4 months.


The fact that my blood pressure has never been under control until now is testimony to how good TONE is!


However I caution you that TONE is not a panacea to all ailments, so please visit your doctor if you have serious health issues.


I wish you all the best and may you have control of your health and life again!

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