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Joyce Yong, Singapore

I was introduced to the TONE health program by Melody and then the TONE consultants explained it to me. I've been struggling on my own to look for solutions to slim down, reduce my weight and resolve my health and skin issues. Melody introduced me to the Trim & Fit Challenge which lasts for 60 days. To further enhance the result from the challenge, decide to start a TONE health program.


These are some areas of my health I want to improve: 

1. Skin sensitive and dryness at the T-zone & chin area that has been ongoing for 3 years! Skin will break out blemishes, redness, dryness, and sensitivity the next day after every facial session.

2. Since 2017, LDL Bad cholesterol hit above spec, thus affecting total cholesterol level.

3. Frequent stomach bloating around 4-5 pm, regardless of heavy or light lunch.

4. Feel tired easily throughout the day

5. Aware that the body immunity system is having issues hence causing all these problems.


During the program, all plant protein gives me good skin, and I noticed I drop less hair during these 7 weeks! Finally, the skin sensitivity issue was totally resolved and I noticed skincare products able to absorb better into my skin. I used to be fearful to do facials at the salon! For facials last week, wake up the next morning skin totally without blemishes, redness, dryness, and sensitivity! Believe my skin immunity has strengthened through TONE. I do not need hydration or a special sensitive skin mask every night. Dress downsize from M/L to size S! Exercise pants reduced from L to M! No more stomach bloatedness issues. Able to poo daily. Do not need coffee in the morning or afternoon for energy and can feel more energetic in the day. Can feel my body and legs are lighter and able to sustain longer during running short distance marathons.


Some of my learnings during the program, GXG consultants focus on the health concept of 4 pillars EARN to really earn back our health that is natural, effective, and sustainable. Many times, these 4 pillars can be so basic and fundamental but always neglected by many including myself. As for advice from consultants, just spending 20 mins of quality resistance exercise is all we need during the TONE. Right, and a positive mindset and attitude is the secret of success. Continue to take note of food selection, portion, and meal timing. Sleep early, target before 12 midnight. Nutrition deficiency from the daily diet. Importance of having plant-based supplements to bridge the nutrition gap. Super love all plant protein, help to repair muscles after a workout, and give me good skin and hair!


For those who are still in the program, remembering the right, positive mindset and attitude are very important. Do not give up mindset. Follow closely the advice from consultants and TONE will work wonderfully.

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